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idk man.
Feb 22 '12

Before I have to go to work, my thoughts on Faberry

I personally think that TrollMurphs orchestrated the Faberry machine from the get go. He left Popular with an incomplete love story and was like “CLEARLY I MUST TURN THIS BRUNETTE AND THIS BLONDE INTO BAM 2.0.” So he stoked the fires and created a rabid fanbase (us) with enough force so that when Faberry was seemingly randomly introduced into the storyline near the end of season three, there would be so much support and love that the Finchel shippers would have to sit down and take notes.

Or something.

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  3. phoobar said: But but… lookit what happened to Bram/Popular: after the car accident, the show was cancelled before the storyline could be explored. Glee has yet to be picked up for s4, y’know…
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